Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cookie Cutter

Sorry but this post is not about Cookies, or anything yummy like that. If that's what you were hoping for you should not read ahead...

My house is on it's way to being finished! yipee! We have possession September 17th and move in on the 18th! yikes, that's so soon! I am getting so excited! We have picked out the blinds, and I want to do some painting before we move in, so make it more "Me". Steve wont let me paint our room Pink. To bad, I think it would be great! Juuuuust kidding!

Here are some pictures, some are from earlier on, but fun to look at.

I am going to skip the others ones like this because they aren't very good...

I don't have to many good ones of the upstairs because we don't have a wide lens camera so you don't see much other then walls. Although I will show you one picture of upstairs... my walk in closet... its huge!!

Tada! that's the outside! I do enjoy the rocks and dirt, but don't worry they are landscaping the front lawn! I am excited its gonna be so cute! but do you now see why I named this blog entry Cookie cutter? I love it anyways!


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  1. Such a cute house!! I can feel your excitement leaking through your blog! I love it!