Thursday, July 21, 2011

I dream of.... Baby

So I had a dream a week or so ago.... It was the coolest dream ever! Steve and I were at the doctors office for an ultrasound, and we were in the room alone waiting for the technician. We figured out how to work the machine ourselves and were trying to see the baby, well this was no ordinary ultrasound.... we could actually see the baby in colour and hear her... haha so here she is floating around (having more room then she actually does) and smiling at us. She had big brown eyes and alot of hair and it was brown. She hiccuped and then giggled and then the machine turned off and I woke up.... It was great. I lay there in my bed for a while just thinking about her, then realized that it was 4 in the morning and realized it wasn't real. booo! haha
Last night we painted her room.. We were going to do pink but then when we were trying to choose the colour at the store we found this bright purple... It's great! The room looks awesome! I am so excited! Now we are just waiting for her to come..... 9 more weeks.

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