Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend

I love Easter. Sadly I didn't get to wake up to find a basket full of chocolate, but I did get to give sharing time on the Atonement!! hehe Some times I think that my sharing times are a gong show. I always finish early and have to think of something off of the top of my head pertaining to the topic. So this time, everything was going fine, the kids were enjoying the egg hunt of the letters of the word Atonement. We talked about it, read some scriptures, and then I looked up at the clock and realized I still had 6 minutes!! eeek! what was I supposed to do? colour pictures of course?!?! haha so I had everyone draw a picture of something that reminds them of Jesus.... Deary Me.... Maybe next time I will come prepared with extra activities or scriptures to read.

Friday we went hiking with my sister and her family. We went up to Johnston Canyon, near Banff. its 1.5km to the first falls and then another 1.5km to the second falls. I didn't think about all the Ice there would be, It would have been nice to have spikes on our shoes. Even with all the ice it was fun. It was so Beautiful. The water falls were frozen over, but were still bright blue! it was amazing!

Here are some pictures.
Nathanael and Rihanna Wiggling just like the tree

Pretty Water Falls

Steve on the icy pathway..
Saturday we went to buy a freezer. We came home Friday night at 1 am after hanging out at my sisters, to find that our freezer door was open. I thought to my self.. I don't remember opening it up before we left that morning..?? so we looked inside to find a box of burgers had fallen and pushed the door open... jeeze and just after our trip to Costco to get meat (we just got a free BBQ!!!) Our fridge and freezer is so small so we cant really fit anything in it... so we decided to go get a deep freeze. We got a steal of a deal... an apartment size freezer for $180!!! super cheap comparable to everywhere else! yay for future shop!

Sunday we made a trip down to see Steve's Grandma. We went with Steve's Dad, who said it was her 97th Birthday on Saturday... Wow I know. I wish I will be able to live that long. she is super cute. I made her a little page with pictures from our wedding of Manville side. I was able to show off more of my scrapbooking. but mostly for her to have pictures to look at.
Monday came waaaaaay to fast! I had to go to work.. so another week begins....


  1. Your pictures look absolutely amazing! Don't be shy to blogging. I'm new too. Just write...that's all you have to remember.

  2. You would be so cute doing sharing time!! I can't believe your all grown up. I'm glad about your freezer, although here is a little tip... don't unplug it. ever. even for a minute like if your vacuuming, and need the plug in, say for instance. because lets say you forget to plug it back in, I know that sounds crazy, but it could happen to someone other than me, because that would be stupid if someone actually did that! And then maybe $100's of dollars worth of meat and food all thawed out and made a very stinky gross mess. oops. my bad. I think Dale still has nightmares about cleaning it up, gross.