Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm a big big meany!!

I made a boy cry yesterday, and that made me cry!
So I am the CTR 5 teacher in primary, I love my class. They are a little rowdy and silly at times but really... who isn't when your 5... right?? Well when I first started teaching these guys they were awesome! always reverent and listening. Steve was with me as well so if they did get a little crazy we could tag team. But now Steve has been called to be secretary in the elders Quarm and so I am all alone! eek! well you would think it wouldn't be so bad seeing how there are never more then 6 of them.
I am convinced that the parents feed them pure sugar before they send them off to primary. So the past few weeks I have been trying different things to keep them focused but having fun! I have heard /seen this from a few "I don't like you, the other teacher is better" (the other teacher being someone I grabbed to sit with them for a few moments), "I want to go home", "I am listening!" (as they continue to chatter about what ever goes on in a 5 yr old mind.), taking off shoes and piling them up in the middle of the room, standing up on chairs and seeing ow far they can jump.
So yesterday, after weeks of going home exhausted and on my last straw. They were not listening and being crazy, so I said "You know, you guys a being very rude, and not very nice, I have prepared a lesson, games and activities and even an Easter treat."
I look over a Jayden and he looks at me with a tear in his eye and says " but I was so nice when I came with my mom to your house to drop off that stuff" and by this time he is crying! I looked and him and tried to convince him that He is a nice person, and so is everyone is the class, but they aren't acting very nice by not listening or cooperating... he continued to sit on my lap for the rest of the class giving me lots of a hugs.
I felt bad for calling them mean, but I was getting tired of trying to keep them tamed.
So I am not sure what to do now.. I have tried many different activities, games, stories, etc.
any suggestions?!?!?!

PS. I am sorry Jenny! I love Jayden!


  1. my dear... you are wonderful. Don't worry about Jayden, he was probably looking for an excuse to sit on your lap and hug and cuddle you. Hope you have checked out that website look under primary helps and see what it says, i will do some research for you too.
    Love yah Babe.

  2. I use to teach the CTR 5 class too. I had some who you could tell the parents took the time to have FHE. Others just winged it (kids I mean, with sitting still and answering questions) but what did I did learn when at the end of the lesson? The children answered the quick questions and so I knew that they were listening. Which is all we really want right? And is a god send.. also its on Facebook, so add as a friend. You should see the Mia Maids in YW. texting, sleeping etc. Yikes!

  3. lol, you meanie! totally kidding, they're 5 sistah! I'm sure he got over it. Sounds like a rough class, if you want I would even ask for another support teacher if they can spare someone. It just sounds like you were too nice and now they know that you won't just shrug it off, stay strong! :) As you can see I'll be the mean parent between Kent and I :)