Friday, June 11, 2010

Rain Rain go away!!

It has been raining so much lately, its driving me crazy! Thanks goodness the forecast says sunshine this weekend but guess what it says for Monday??? yep you guessed it.... Rain! UGH!
We still have just mud around the house so far, so we are just floating in it! It's hard trying to keep the front and back entrances clean when you have a bratty dog who will not stay still while you dry him off!
Our house is a little fuller these days. Mom and Dad are living with us! They are waiting for their own house to be done. The possession date is now July 23! There are positives and negatives... positives - Cleaner house, Better home cooked dinners, (Thanks Mom!!), Someone else to walk the dog (Thanks Dad!!) and just some other people to talk to and hang out with. Negatives - not as much alone time with Steve (there are only so many places you can hide in our house! haha)
Tomorrow is Steve's Birthday! I have some stuff planned and have already bought his gifts, but he reads this so I can't tell you yet what I got him ;) I Love you Steve!!!
Last weekend I planted some plants into a HUGE planter! My mom let me borrow it for the summer its a big wine barrel! Its fun! I will post pictures of it soon, as the flowers need to bloom a little more. I am proud of my little garden. I never liked gardening growing up but that was because it was chore that I had to do! haha but because of that I now know how to take care of my plants! Thanks mom!


  1. Melissa! You have a dog?? Pictures?

  2. Ya I started my own garden this year too! Thanks to my Dad on that one. haha But fresh vegetables and fruit are SO much better than store bought products any day :)