Tuesday, July 27, 2010


This Summer has been super busy,
We had my parents living with us for 2 months. They finally were able to move into their newly built house on July 23. It was very exciting for them! To not have to live with us any more and to be able to unpack all their items they haven't seen in 2 months.
Steve has been making decisions about his career. Details will be divulged at a later date.... oooohhoh the mystery! haha
There was a wedding last weekend for Mark and Kassie Ruzika... It was a beautiful wedding! The ceremony was really good, the paster talked alot about Marriage being a gift from God and how we need to include him in that relationship. This weekend is Harrison and Cheryl's Wedding in Cardston. I am excited to be able to attend the Sealing in the Temple and for Steve to be part of the wedding party. Harrison and Steve have been really good friends for many years.
In all this, we got a Tree, with pink blossoms and grass in our front yard. I am glad that this finally came because I was getting tired of having a mud pit in the front yard... now on to the back yard... soon...
Steve and I decided we would take a vacation this summer. We have planned it all out, first Vegas for a couple days, then off to DISNEYLAND!!! I am sooo excited to act like a little girl and see all the princesses and everything. After that we will head to Hollywood! Hollywood walk of fame, wax museum. and then for a kicker I have convinced Steve to go to Newport beach... does that sound familiar? yes? its where the TV show the OC was filmed!! I am sooo excited for this... haha I am loser I know but I can't wait for this vacation. I am in serious need of a vacation, to get away from life and work!
On another note I have been watching Gilmore Girls alot lately ( I have the series) It is soo great! I love it! Although I am now in Season 6 (no I haven't seen it before this) and they have changed writers.. who I am convinced isn't as good/funny as the previous one. I still love it, but I am sad about how things look like they will turn out...I sure hope they turn out better then I think they will.
Well I sure hope this update was good and entertaining for you blog followers!

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