Friday, February 11, 2011

Random thoughts lately

Chores I HATE doing

Number 1-->Laundry!

Cleaning the bathrooms... (The one we never use still gets dirty! (dusty mostly)ugh!)
Making my bed each day (ya right like that ever happens!)

A few FEARS I have developed recently

HEIGHTS ( realized this while in Vegas last summer while UP 113+ stories in the air in the Stratosphere tower)

BIRDS(Always found them CREEPY, like when I was with Damon recording for our high school radio and his bird attacked me, or when I went to pet land and started crying when I realized that the only way out was right beside the BIG parrot)

WALKING/DRIVING UNDER BRIDGES WHILE THERE IS A TRAIN ( for SOME reason I have the fear that the train is going to derail and I am going to DIE)

Things I LOVE

Steven (BEST husband Ever)

GLEE (would life be great if it were a MUSICAL

Getting a FULL nights sleep (Happens less often that I would like)

My NEW KOBO EBOOK reader (Makes reading in bed much easier.. ie. I can pull the blankets right up around my neck and keep my hands and arms WARM with out have to flip a page. Only have to stick out a finger and push a button)


  1. I have that same fear of driving under a train!!!

  2. I LOVE finding new blogs to read! :) not that this is new, but new to me :)

    I'd add dishes to the chores I dislike doing! can't stand putting my hand on dirty dishes and having them in my sink.

  3. What's a KOBO? I'm so out of it. I thought the only thing like that was a Kindle. I don't like going under bridges and in tunnels either. There were some big ones on the drive from Vernon to Calgary and I had to sing my way through them or be asleep. I felt like there was going to be an avalanche and we'd be caught inside. Yucky fear!

  4. KOBO is from Chapters. It's like a kindle. Cool thing is I can get onto the Calgary public library website and borrow books that they have a e-verson of it. its pretty neat!