Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Changing Attitudes one SMILE at a time

I have been getting sooo FRUSTRATED lately with RUDE people!! Every where I go, everyone is pushing each other out of the way so THEY can be first, or get the "BEST" of what ever it is. Also I have noticed stores and restaurants not giving good customer service. At work I deal with alot of our vendors who supply our office with various things and once again I have not been getting the "Service" that I think is good. (Ie. NEVER calling me back, not deliverying what I order or on time)

I always think, SERIOUSLY people?... Have we loss all our work ethic and manners? So I have decided to do a social experiment. I am going to always let OTHERS go FIRST, Say please and thank you, be overly Polite and SMILE at EVERYONE ( EVEN if I am not being treated that way) I want to see what people's reactions will be. I have always considered myself a polite person, but I am going to go OVER the top, above and beyond what you would expect.

I HOPE that people will notice and maybe change their attitude. I will let you know in a week how it goes!

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