Monday, June 6, 2011

Peanut Buster Parfait

I LOVE THESE delicious little guys!! If I could I would have one EVERY day! But they are not good for me or the baby, and they are expensive!!..... So I have settled for 3 a week! hahaha Just thinking about then right now..... yummy! (my mouth is watering!) There is a DQ 1 minute away from my house so it's really easy to just hop in the car after dinner and go get one.... I have to restrain myself... Maybe Steve will have to start hiding the keys!!

I have been eating so much lately I am afraid I will one day balloon!! People will tell me that I am small for how far along I am, or that I am carrying the baby well.. haha I keep telling them everyone is different. But it's true I have been lucky and have been on the lower end of what I could be gaining. I love my belly, but I don't love not being able to bend over as easily! haha

At our 18 week ultra sound the doctor gave us some scary news and told me that I may have a preterm birth!!! That scared the heck out of me and gave me a million more things to think/worry about. She told me not to lift anything too heavy or do any jumping around. (not that I make a hobby out of jumping) I was so careful. maybe overboard??! haha Even on bumpy round I would tell Steve to slow down! haha Well we went for another ultra sound last week. I had to wait for the doctor's office to call me. They said it would take a few days. Well the very next day I get a phone call from my doctor herself.... She said she wanted to personally call me to tell me the news.......Everything is fine and looking great!! yay! There is nothing to worry about! You have no idea the relief that I felt! I can now jump around all I want! haha ya right!

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  1. I was told the same thing!! They told me that I had a septated uterus and that would make the baby come early because my uterus wouldn't be able to stretch enough in the end. They never really told me that I didn't have it, but every ultrasound after that they said they couldn't find anything... so they concluded that they must have mistaken it right from the beginning. And Casper came right on time weighing 9lbs 5oz, so I'm pretty sure my uterus ISN'T too small haha!
    I hope you're feeling great through your pregnancy! And I still haven't seen your belly!! (Dan has seen you a couple times walking downtown when he took the bus to work awhile ago, he says that you look great!)