Thursday, May 26, 2011

Just a few thoughts

I need a sweater/rain coat that fits. My belly is in the way now.... and it will only get bigger. I wear what I have with it unzipped and its not warm enough when its raining....stupid rain

Last night I was looking at pictures from pre pregnancy and even pre marriage and then I looked down at my ever growing belly and think... hmm what did it look like and feel like before? I am not sure I remember.

I hate heartburn! It used to be that I could just avoid certain foods like spicy or sugary things and that would keep the heart burn away, but alas... it comes all the time and with a vengeance. Doesn't matter what I eat.

I wear my runners to work and I sometimes think, hmm I sure wish these were black so they would look better.

Naps are great! Too bad I can't take one every afternoon. Like right now....ZZZZZZZZ..... oh oops gotta get back to work... lunch is over. haha

I can't wait to cuddle my little girl..... sometimes I have dreams about her, but then wake up and realize it's not September yet....sigh....

I have SOOO many projects I want to work on but I don't have any time. Evenings are for resting and putting up my feet since I am on them ALL day....

On the C-train it's ALWAYS women who offer me their seat. Usually older women.... Interesting

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  1. lovin' your blogs lady.... I remember that feeling of wanting to snuggle my baby's so bad that it's almost tangible! Can't wait to see the little sweetie:)